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A late 19th century brass nautical doorstop in the form of the HMS Victory flagship with the original lead base and a tall carrying handle with a round medallion depicting Admiral Nelson.


English, circa 1880


Height: 47cm / 18½"
Width: 22cm / 8¾"
Depth: 4.5cm / 1¾"

Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronte. HMS Victory served as Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st October 1805. The British victory at Trafalgar secured Nelson’s place as one of the greatest naval commanders in history. It came at a heavy price when Nelson was shot and killed by a French sniper during the battle. Nelson’s death became one of the main events of the battle, it even overshadowed the triumph of the great victory. His men broke down crying when the news spread through the fleet and when news reached Britain, the nation went into mourning for the heroic Admiral.

HMS Victory Brass Doorstop, c.1880



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