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An early 20th century Victorian Carlton Ware beehive pottery match striker advertising ‘Captain Webb Puck Matches’ on the rim by Wiltshaw & Robinson Ltd of Stoke-on-Trent.


English, circa 1900


Height: 7.5cm / 3”
Diameter (of base): 10cm / 4”
Diameter (of opening): 4.5cm / 1¾"

Captain Matthew Webb (1848-1883) was an English seaman, stuntman and swimmer. He is the first recorded person to swim the English Channel. Captain Webb’s picture was used on Bryant & May match boxes. It is believed that Webb’s picture on these match boxes inspired the physical appearance of the Inspector Clouseau character portrayed in the original Pink Panther films by Peter Sellers.

A Victorian Beehive Pottery 'Captain Webb' Match Striker

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