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A pair of early 20th century regal brass coronation ashtrays. Each ashtray is embossed with the profile of HM King Edward VII and HM Queen Alexandra and adorned with crowns. 
Registration No. 382962

English, circa 1902


Length: 11cm / 4¼"
Width: 11cm / 4¼"

The coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra took place at Westminster Abbey on the 9th August 1902. Queen Victoria had reigned for 63 years before her son Edward VII came to the throne. The 1902 coronation had been carefully planned as a spectacle reflecting the influence and culture of the British Empire, then at the heights of its power, but also as a wonderful religious occasion. After the service at Westminster Abbey the King and Queen returned to Buckingham Palace, where they appeared on the balcony to greet the crowds, which set a precedent for future coronations. Edward VII was King until his death in 1910.

A Pair of King Edward VII Coronation Ashtrays, c.1902

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